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Miners and purveyors of the best in gemstones and vintage metals 

Great Dame is a handcrafted jewelry line promoting sustainability through creativity and the arts. Raw, precious, and semi-precious stones are paired with antique and early 20th century metals from across the world, to create minimalist and statement-worthy pieces, sure to channel the inner dame in anyone who wears them.

Searching ethical gem suppliers and mining gemstones native to North America, owner and designer, Katherine Ball, researches and maps terrain throughout the South, leading her to collect the perfect gemstones for each piece. These stones have become the inspiration behind much of her work, striking a balance between natural, elemental, and historic properties.

Vintage metals are also picked from some of the top antique jewelry warehouses and estate sales in the country, in order to ensure a sense of history and quality for the wearer. 

Using initial inspiration from a grandmothers antique jewelry box, Great Dame has become known for creating chic and classic pieces, to be worn for generations.


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